Top 3 Age Defying Cosmetic Treatments

Top 3 Age Defying Cosmetic Treatments

There was once a time where it was only the people of Hollywood who would consider major cosmetic surgery – although unsurprisingly, the craze has caught on globally and clinics are constantly releasing new techniques to draw additional customers to their establishments.

Unquestionably, facials are one of the most popular types of treatment, with more and more women looking to shed the years through the varied techniques. While initial options were limited, over time there are countless treatments available as we take a look at the three most popular forms that are designed to knock the years off you.

Vector Facelift

Also known as the liquid facelift, this has caused quite a stir in the cosmetics industry. While the industry has relied heavily on a surgical facelift for many years, over recent times experts have developed a reversible option that involves treating the face from a completely different perspective. It’s understood that the skin gets thinner as one ages, with the vector facelift therefore charged with the task of injecting volume back into the face.

The results are quite extraordinary and unlike most face lifts, the patient doesn’t even need to take any time off work. Furthermore, as the procedure is completely reversible, the risks are minimal which a complete contrast to the surgical option. Many cosmetic clinics are catching onto the phenomenon, with being an example of one that offers the procedure.

Dermal Fillers

A different way of tackling age is by using dermal fillers, or the vector face lifting procedure as it is also commonly known as. As with any form of injection, there are slightly more risks associated with this treatment method although considering the fact that a session lasts just several minutes, it’s no surprise to see that there has been a surge in popularity for it.

The procedure involves just one injection and most people claim that they suffered absolutely no pain throughout. Furthermore, just like with the previous treatment looked at; the recovery time is minimal meaning that your schedule won’t be disrupted at all.

One of the drawbacks with this procedure is that it isn’t permanent. While the same can be said about the vector facelift to an extent, dermal fillers tend to only last for a few months at a time meaning that you will need to be “topped up” fairly regularly. This is because the injection is merely preventing any nerve signals from reaching the facial muscles – causing them to relax and the skin to subsequently appear much smoother.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Few will be surprised to read that one of the three treatments utilises lasers, which are fast becoming the dream tool for cosmetic surgeons. Unfortunately, the science behind this procedure is complicated to say the least, although we will try and put it in as simple terms as possible. The lasers target tiny pigments of the skin, which start to heat and subsequently eliminate the small areas of the top layer of the skin. The body’s healing system then evokes the growth of new skin tissue, thus creating a brand new surface.

While many people associate lasers with acute redness and sore skin, the after effects of this procedure are quite mild. Some may experience swelling for a couple of days, but most patients are happy to return to their workplace immediately after the treatment has taken place.